MakerSpace in a Box: Invent, Tinker, and Play

STEM learning trunk for 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades

The MakerSpace in a Box: Invent, Tinker, and Play brings a hands-on makerspace into your classroom. The trunk is designed for grades 3-5 and includes kits that inspire and develop students’ passion for tinkering and inventing. The different activities are geared toward improving their skills of prototyping and creating finished products- all of which will inspire and foster their appreciation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

The trunk includes Makey-Makey kits, materials to create ScribbleBots and paper circuits, as well as Snap Circuits and littleBits. The activities and extensions will reach across all three grade levels and align with many Habits of Mind and The Nature of Science Georgia Performance Science Standards.

Partial Inventory:
STEM learning trunk partial inventory

Scribble Bot:
Beginning robot made out of recycled materials that you connect to markers. The motor will vibrate and create artistic designs.

Paper Circuits:
High/Low tech activity using basic materials and turning the materials into working circuits using copper tape, LEDs, and coin cell batteries.

Makey Makey:
An invention kit that turns everyday objects into controllers for your computer.
Example: Connecting a Makey Makey board to a banana and using the banana as the keyboard

Snap Circuits/Little Bits:
Materials that snap together to create circuits and explain basic set up for circuitry and lend themselves to creative inventing.


Literature included in the STEM learning trunk

Trunk Availability:

The STEM learning trunk is available for 4 week rental periods.
$50 per rental

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