4th Grade Learning Trunks

Shooting for the Stars

Students will explore the characteristics of the main constellations and their position in the night sky. They will explore the rotation and tilt of the Earth to identify what causes day and night and the seasons. They will examine the Moon to discover why it appears to change shapes and learned about the order and name of its phases. Students will evaluate the size and distance of the planets within the Solar System to the Sun.
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Civil War

Books, costumes and artifacts that bring the period to life. The materials in this trunk will help students comprehend events of the Civil War using documents, images and things they can touch and explore. Working with these sources, students will observe that different people reported what happened during the war from different points of view. By asking questions, and investigating the evidence they examine, students will construct their own understandings of this crucial era. View The Assessment
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Weather Watch

Students will make and use various weather tools and maps to predict weather. They will explore weather patterns that meteorologists use to predict the weather. Students will conduct various experiments to examine how weather works and affects our daily lives.
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Westward HO!

Students will explore the characteristics of Westward Expansion. They will explore what life was like during the 1800’s. Students will understand why the United States acquired the Louisiana Purchase. They will also be able to make connections between the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Acquisition of Texas (The Alamo), and the California Gold Rush. At the end of this unit, students will synthesize their understanding of how these major events shaped Westward Expansion.
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