3rd Grade Learning Trunks

Native Americans on the Move

Students will take a trip to explore how America was founded. They will travel through Native American times. Students will examine how these people lived and dealt with the hardships of living in a new world and were affected by the new explorers and Europeans.
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A Walk Through Georgia

Subject/Topic Areas: Georgia regions/ animal and plant habitats/ pollution and conservation / Science

Students will explore the characteristics of the five main Georgia regions with a focus on animal and plant habitats and their adaptations. Students will define adaptation and apply their knowledge to understand how Georgia plants and animals adapt to changes in their habitats. Habitats are affected by different types of pollution including water, land, air, and noise pollutions; students will discover the effects of pollution on animal and plant habitats and learn how to apply conservation practices to help protect our environment. Students will also identify effects on habitats from forces of nature such as fire and drought.

Students will utilize a variety of learning methods to gain a greater understanding of Georgia flora and fauna, their unique adaptations, and the role of humans in the fine balance of survival. We have incorporated many visual aids such as photographs to be used in a gallery walk, maps, and a comprehensive power point presentation. Also included are non-fiction texts, hands-on learning materials, ideas for cross-circular learning, differentiated learning experiences, teaching tools and resources and much more.
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Branching Out: American Government

Students will understand why it is important for Americans to share certain democratic beliefs. Students will learn that this applies to our personal and civic lives. Students will be able to explain the need to promote the common good, obey laws all while also respecting the rights of others. Students will also describe the elements of representative democracy/republic in the United States. Students will be able to recount the three branches, levels of government, and responsibilities of each branch.
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Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, Oh My!

Students will understand the formation and types of fossils. They will understand the differences and similarities between rocks and minerals. Students will describe how the three types of rocks are formed. Students will observe the basic attributes/properties of rocks and minerals. Students will explore the effects of weathering and erosion of soil and rocks overtime, and attributes/properties of soils. Students will complete observations using their senses and scientific tools of fossils, rocks, minerals, and soils.
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Ancient Greece & The Olympics

Students will understand what life was like in ancient Greece, and discover why we have columns on some of our most important buildings. Students will understand the history of our modern Olympic games.
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