1st Grade Learning Trunks

A Day in the Life of a Meteorologist

Weather and hydrology books, meteorologist tools including boiling point thermometers, weather vane, upright weather station, classroom weather center, rain gauge and much more. This interactive trunk is loaded with all the tools you need for classroom experiments with young scientists. View The Assessment
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Time Traveler: Exploring America’s Historical Figures

Books, costumes and artifacts on important historical figures like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, Sacajawea, Harriet Tubman, Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington Carver. View The Assessment
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Our Wondrous World

Books, costumes and artifacts for students to travel the world. Unit topics cover landforms, climates and animal adaptations of NORTH AMERICA: The Great Plains, SOUTH AMERICA: Amazon Rainforest, ASIA: Mount Everest, AFRICA: Sahara Desert, ANTARCTICA: Polar Life, AUSTRALIA: Great Barrier Reef & The Outback, EUROPE, Plants and Oceans.
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Money On The Move

Students will explore currency with authentic bills and coins from around the world, learn about producers and consumers with a classroom snack shop, cash registers and games. Learn how to save money while gaining a deeper understanding of goods and services.
SS1E1, SS1E2, SS1E3, SS1E4
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